Our Philosophy

By Locker 27 Director, Matt Church, “Locker 27 was born over 30 years ago.  It is a culmination of experience and lessons from the sporting world both positive and negative that have shaped the Locker’s philosophy. The name Locker 27 comes from my first ever locker at school.  I have very fond memories of these early stages of my sporting development.  I was lucky enough to be surrounded by people who ignited my passion for sport and exercise and with Locker 27 I want to be part of that ignition process for other people.”

church profile

Matt Church ASCC – Director

Matt is a Strength and Conditioning Coach with 9 years experience as a practitioner. Having finished his Pro-cricket career it was time to focus on a second career. After a Charity event which found Matt walking, cycling and rowing from Edinburgh to Tangiers it was time to embark on what he feels is his true vocation.  Matt was given the opportunity to work with Surrey County Cricket Club for 5 years.  Having finished at Surrey Matt has worked with the ECB Young Lions in Pretoria and was a consultant for Cricket Ireland in the lead up to the World Cup in 2011.  Matt has also worked for the Altitude Centre as part of their team developing programmes for different events at Altitude.

Matt is passionate about being a Strength and Conditioning Coach and what can be offered to individuals and teams by this profession.  “You are a Coach, a mentor, a scientist and an innovator all in the space of a few minutes”


mealing profile

James Mealing

James is a Level 3 Advanced NASM Personal Trainer with a Diploma in sports and exercise science. His real goal is to excel in the strength and conditioning field. James has 8 years experience in the sports and leisure industry and in that time he has gone from working at David Lloyd leisure to running his own successful Personal Training company called Blueprint Physique. James is also currently working towards his UKSCA accreditation with the help of Locker 27.

Sport has been the main focus in James’ life from a young age and didn’t see his career going anywhere else but in the sporting industry due to his love for taking part any many sports. Rugby was James’ main sport while growing up, attending clubs such as Dorking RFC, Cobham RFC, Harlequins Academy and Esher RFC.

His Interests lie within any sporting activity and will rise to any challenge put in front of him.

James is avaliable for one-to-one training and group PT sessions.

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07515 630180

Alex Barnard

Alex Barnard

Alex is an advanced level 3 Personal Trainer and Locker 27 Strength and Conditioning Coach.  With 8 years of industry experience including PT, sports performance, group training  and kickboxing instruction Alex has a variety of effective approaches to training and structuring your fitness goals.

Qualified in kickboxing/Muay Thai instruction, Olympic lifting, programme design, body profiling and body fat % measurements (ISAK accredited), Alex can ensure your training is tailor made for your specific needs.

With his own training background being in a number of different sports including rugby, Olympic lifting and a variety of martial arts, Alex has continued his progress on a scholarship at St Mary’s University studying a degree in Strength and Conditioning Science.

Alex is available for personal training one to ones, kickboxing and body profiling assessments.

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Dan Fernandez

Our in-house Boxing specialist, Dan is a boxing coach with over 7 years experience and ABA Judges Badge. With a dedicated and enthusiastic approach, Dan has seen his array of skills develop through training with ex-England boxing coaches to ex-Super middle weight world champions, to even Olympic gold medalists.

Once ranked no.2 in England and a National ABA Finalist, Dan has had over 30 amateur fights but sought to develop his coaching skills and forge a career outside of the ring. Garnering an array of experience and professionalism from skills learnt at Frank Bruno’s boxing academy, Dan is able to offer a specific, yet varied approach to your training.

With a variety of clients varying in all different abilities, boxing training at Locker 27 offers a new style of training whether it’s those who simply want to get fit using the vast array of boxing drills, techniques and exercises practiced or looking to step into the ring.

Dan is available for one-to-one training and group sessions.

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Adam Bishop

Adam is a Strength and Conditioning coach currently employed by Harlequins RFC. After spells as a professional rugby player and Skeleton Bobsleigh athlete, Adam started competing in Strongman contests. After winning the 2011 UKs Strongest Man contest in the under 105kg class, Adam stepped up to compete in the Open weight class where he won the titles of UK’s Strongest Junior in 2012 and Southern England’s Strongest Man in 2013 as well as representing England at the 2013 UK’s Strongest Man competition.

Adam is committed to developing strength in every athlete he works with in order to maximise their performance in their chosen sport.

Mark Hill

Mark is a level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor, British Weightlifting Coach and a BWL referee.

He regularly competes in the sport of ‘Olympic’ Weightlifting, which in turn, has competitively fuelled Mark’s desire to coach others.

The Snatch, Clean and Jerk and their derivatives are an excellent tool to have in the trainee’s exercise vocabulary.  They are used in most Strength and Conditioning programmes throughout the world and are a staple part of Locker 27′s training ideology. It is well documented that the lifts can improve physical qualities such as strength, speed, power and flexibility. The lifts can also provide trainees with a sense of purpose in their training through testing the limits of the body in this extraordinary sport.

Mark aims to support members of all ages in learning and becoming proficient in the lifts to help achieve their goals. Mark wants to cultivate a training environment that encourages aspiring lifters to enjoy the challenge and reap the benefits of Olympic Weightlifting.

Andrew Jenner

Osteopath MSC, BSC(Ost), BA(Hons)

  • GOSC Registered
  • Member of the Institute of Osteopathy
  • Member of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association

I provide a distinctive structural/functional whole body approach combining my knowledge of osteopathy, exercise and functional training techniques.

Osteopathy isn’t just for backs!
Many sportspeople have regular osteopathic treatment to prevent and enhance recovery from sports related injuries.

Other common conditions that benefit from treatment include:

  • Back pain
  • Strained muscles, joints or ligaments, repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Headaches, neck problems, jaw pain (TMJ)
  • Shoulder, elbow, ankle, knee and wrist issues
  • Other related postural problems


Locker 27 would not be here without certain people who have had that profound influence on my life and where it is going.  Whether parent, teacher, mentor, advisor or friend,  thank you.  Some of you I have not met.  This list is endless and will grow.  Some people will not thank me for mentioning them so I won’t.  Here goes: Family Church, O’Donoghue, Ryan, Graham Scott (and family), Andy P, Carly, Steve Nance, Vern Gambetta, Kelvin Giles, The Russian’s, Siff, Taggy, AJS, Shawsy, Chad, Ginger Barry, Andy Brimson, Walter Mould, Tweets, Muggers, Court, H, Tommo, Geordie, Jacko, JC, Jonny Hockey, Mickey B, Elko, Ligois from the Essentially Group, the The Altitude Centre, Nigel Stockill, Simon Shepard and Optima Life etc