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One to One Academy Development Course A Long Term Athletic Development course designed to coach basic lifts, movement patterns, postural awareness, linear/lateral movement skills. It will also touch on basic nutrition/hydration for sport. Graduating this course allows access to the Academy Training Sessions. £45 Per Session 3/4 Sessions
Academy Development Course As Above £100 6 week course,  1 session per week.Course dates 16
Academy Training Sessions A time to drop in and either take on the circuit of the week or to follow your tailored programme under the guidance of our staff.  It is a chance practice technique and build on the skills gained in the Academy Development Course. £10 Drop In
£28 a Month
Timetable 16
One-to-one, One-to-two, One-to-three As it says on the tin! Get together with a couple of friends and save money, whilst still getting a rich learning experience from personal tuition. £50,  £65,  £75 1 hour 1-3
Elite Junior Membership By Invitation Only POA