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Locker 27 is a strength and conditioning gym located in Weybridge, Surrey.


Locker 27 provides an environment, a culture and an experience that has helped lead the way in the performance gym industry in the UK.  


We coach with passion, train with purpose and keep things simple in a friendly supportive environment.

 If we are lucky enough to be able and capable to train then we might as well enjoy the process.

The ideology of Locker 27 was born over 30 years ago.  It is a culmination of experience and lessons from the sporting world that have shaped the Locker’s philosophy. The name Locker 27 comes from my first ever locker at school.  I have very fond memories of these early stages of my sporting development and was lucky enough to be surrounded by people who ignited my passion for sport and exercise and with Locker 27 I want to be part of that ignition for other people.

- Matt Church MSc, ASCC, Director, Locker 27

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