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Stretch and restore is a class that does what it says on the tin. Led by Niamh, S&R is designed to mitigate the stresses of training hard and allow you to find better positions next time you're training. 

Many of us don't put enough time, effort or thought into our recovery - assuming it's something that just happens! S&R will take the guesswork out of your recovery work, blending active stretching techniques with elements of yoga and breathing to downregulate chronic shortness of muscles and reduce fatigue. 

If you have more range of motion through your joints, it will allow you to find stronger positions by having more movement available, which can make all the difference between a missed lift or a make. Extra range can also be the difference maker by keeping you training at either your sport or in the gym by limiting risk of injury. 

So much of our training is focussed on stronger, further, faster - and rightly so. However, the ability to gain range in key areas and restore joint function is a key aspect that Stretch and Restore will focus on, allowing stronger further and faster to happen more often and with greater results.

Stretch and Restore Classes are part of your Locker 27 Class Membership.