Locker 27 provide the LockerWay training programme direct to your smartphone, wherever you are in the world, meaning you’re never too far away from the team at Locker 27.

The LockerWay is a 4 day per week programme released weekly that will bring about major changes in strength, power and conditioning. Based on a blend of our Athletic Development classes, it brings the LockerWay of training to everyone – inside the Locker and out.

The programme is available on a monthly subscription basis, with each week released weekly through True Coach online software, allowing you to track your progress and keep on top of your training. Download the app from the App Store or access it via a webpage.

The LockerWay is available on a monthly Direct Debit and you can sign up online (the "Join Up Today" box above) or in the gym at Reception. The LockerWay is £45 pcm and £25 for Locker 27 Members.

The LockerWay training programme includes:

Key Strength Lifts

Accessory Work

High Rep Finishers

Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning

If you think it’s time to remove the guess work from your training and avoid common pitfalls that the mainstream won’t tell you about, then the LockerWay Programming is for you.

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