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The Locker 27 Academy is open to all individuals aged 9-15.  It is designed to improve movement skills, speed, agility and robustness with a view to improving performance not just in sport, but in all that life has to throw at them.  We approach the Academy from a biopsychosocial standpoint - i.e. the physical, the psychological and the social aspect. The outcome and intention being to forge good people.

What is the Academy?

Academy classes run 12 times a week and are a child centered, coach driven class.

Your child will be able to attend unlimited Academy classes where our team of coaches will guide and supervise all sessions.  The programme evolves with your child.  All sessions are required to be booked on the FitSense App.

How do they join?

In order to prepare your child for the Academy classes we require them to attend 3 one to one Induction sessions with our Strength & Conditioning Coaches. The training sessions will cover basic lifts, movement patterns, postural awareness, linear/lateral movement skills as well as safety in the gym environment.  They will also receive a training diary which they will record during their sessions.  This allows us and your child to monitor progress at anytime.

How much does it cost? 

3 Academy Inductions 1 Child to 1 Coach £120 

3 Academy Inductions 2 Children to 1 Coach £170 

3 Academy Inductions 3 Children to 1 Coach £220

Academy Training Diary £10

If you have any additional questions regarding the Academy please hit the button below. If you'd like to book an Academy Induction please complete the form. 


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What is LTAD? 


It is a progressive pathway for the individual.  Whether continued participation in sport, health and exercise or elite aspirations are the end goal, following a LTAD programme will have great benefits.  Children who progress through the Locker Academy experience training programs that consider their biological and training ages in creating periodised plans specific to their development needs.

  • It has been noted that many young athletes lack the basic physical skills to reach their potential (Giles 2005; Balyi 2003).

  • Sport is an amalgamation of complex skills, therefore without the basic movement patterns young players will have a limit to their potential.

  • Young people do not receive the same physical development through ‘active play’ as they did 15 years ago.

  • Sport is constantly developing and players need to be stronger, faster and more robust than ever before.

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Athletic Development
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