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Aerial Fitness is a fun and exciting way to strengthen your upper body and core, improve balance, flexibility and build confidence. 

Using aerial silks and hoop the class will teach you how to safely, climb, suspend and pose gracefully in the air combining strength with beauty. 

With weekly classes for all ability levels from absolute beginner to aspiring performer you can be sure there is a class suitable for you. 

If you’re new to Aerial Fitness or wish to develop your aerial skills at a pace that suits you, then book a private session with expert aerial coach Michaela.

As a beginner, private sessions allow for a more focused introduction to aerial fitness and will eliminate any concerns you have about being in the air.

As a more experienced aerialist private or small group sessions allow for greater skill development and give you an opportunity to practice specific elements of your training.

Aerial Classes are £15 for a drop in, and private lessons begin at £45. Please book classes here.

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