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Mark Leyland - Physio

Locker 27 offers an in-house Physiotherapy service with Mark Leyland of Momentum Physio.

Mark is a fully chartered physiotherapist with a background in sports science. A fellow of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute using a functional approach to assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. Mark specialises in utilising functional techniques and training to assess, treat and rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries. If you suffer from musculoskeletal or sports related injuries, a functional approach is your ticket to pain free activity.

When pain or injury are present you can often find that the cause and the symptoms are in two separate areas - an ache in your knee may cause your neck pain, likewise a shoulder problem may cause your low back pain. This is why Mark not only focuses on the affected area, but assesses the function of your entire body.

This functional approach to treatment and rehabilitation provides symptom relief but also prevention of further problems as both cause and symptoms are treated.

If you are suffering with pain or injury, a functional approach will help you quickly return to full fitness. 


You can refer yourself, as Physiotherapists are trained to act as the first line medical contact. Mark also accepts medical referrals from GP's, Consultants and other health professionals. 


Mark is a registered Physiotherapist with the majority of private medical health insurers. If you have medical insurance then please inform Mark when you make your initial appointment. 


Mark treats a variety of musculoskeletal problems such as Back Pain, Whiplash, Achilles and Patellar tenidinopathy, Shoulder pain, Knee Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Neck Pain and Muscle Tears. 

To book an appointment with Mark, please hit the contact button below or call him on 07876 591737. 

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