hybrid conditioning

A tough conditioning class scaled to fit all. After a thorough warm up, movement-prep and technique work it’s time to take on a challenge using various tools including barbells, tyres, kettlebells etc. These sessions are run by experienced Strength & Conditioning Coaches who know their stuff and can prescribe challenging but extremely tough sessions safely.

strength and performance

A coach led, performance driven class designed for recreational or competitive athletes incorporating barbell, gymnastics and cardio proven principles.


This programme is designed to get you leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier from beginners through to the elite.

comp night

Comp Night is a competitive environment focusing on the sport of functional fitness where you can train and compete with and against like minded individuals. 


The class welcomes everyone who is looking to compete in the sport of functional fitness or who enjoys being put through their paces. Comp night will provide you with an experience of competitive standards and formats with workouts built to replicate the competition environment. 

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