hybrid conditioning

Hybrids are a blend of a variety of training techniques. Utilising good training practices, Hybrid Conditioning will spend time on strength, power and conditioning during each session. 

Whilst Hybrids can be tough, all are scaleable for any ability and our highly qualified coaches are able to tweak existing sessions to suit the individual. There's no one size fits all! 

comp night

Comp Night is a competitive environment focusing on the sport of functional fitness where you can train and compete with and against like minded individuals. 


The class welcomes everyone who is looking to compete in the sport of functional fitness or who enjoys being put through their paces. Comp night will provide you with an experience of competitive standards and formats with workouts built to replicate the competition environment. 

intro to weightlifting

Intro to Weightlifting is designed to improve your performance on the classic lifts of Snatch and Clean & Jerk. 

Focussing on Weightlifting technique, Intro to Weightlifting is suitable for those just starting out with weightlifting but also for those looking to refine technique and enhance efficiency during all weightlifting exercises and derivatives. Getting the techniques right can make the difference when moving through higher intensity or repetition based workouts. 

stretch and restore

Stretch and Restore is a class that does what it says on the tin. Led by Niamh, S&R is designed to mitigate the stresses of training hard and allow you to find better positions next time you're training.

Many of us don't put enough time, effort or thought into our recovery - assuming it's something that just happens! S&R will take the guesswork out of your recovery work, blending active stretching techniques with elements of yoga and breathing to downregulate chronic shortness of muscles and reduce fatigue.