If you’re looking for a sport to take part in that is inclusive, fun and challenging then weightlifting could be for you!

One of the great things about the sport is that anyone can take part at their own level. For those who are looking to be more competitive, there is a chance to compete and try and qualify for National championships.


For those that are looking to enjoy a sport as a hobby, there is an opportunity to challenge themselves to learn skills whilst improving both physical and psychological health at the same time.

The weightlifting exercises are also well known for their ability to improve athletic performance. This includes improvements in:

  • Strength

  • Power

  • Mobility

  • Speed

  • Co-ordination

  • Body Composition


Locker 27 Weightlifting Club was founded in 2014 by Locker 27 Athletic Development owner, Matt Church and weightlifting Head Coach, Mark Hill.

The club has grown from one session per week to a full timetable that allows members to train up to 6 days per week.

The club is currently host to several national champions and record holders and is ranked as one of the top weightlifting clubs in the country.

Our weekday Club Training sessions are led by one of our qualified coaches. Members have the chance to book onto their choice of two time slots. In these sessions, members train together and follow a group programme.

We believe that the benefits of a group of people training together and performing the same exercises outweigh the benefits of participating in an individualised training programme. However, coaches will adapt and scale exercises for members where appropriate.

Our Saturday (Super Saturday!) session is an open session that is not led by a coach and regularly features visiting members from other weightlifting clubs.

Our Friday Weightlifting session is more technically focused. It is suitable for beginning weightlifters and those looking to improve a specific lift or part of their technique. This session runs on a themed 3-week programme which is designed to improve one part of a lift.


Weightlifting (often referred to as Olympic Weightlifting) is a sport made up of 2 lifts: the snatch and clean & jerk.


The aim of the sport is to lift as much weight as possible in each of the 2 lifts. The resulting total determines where a lifter finishes in his or her weight category. There are several male and female weight categories in the sport, meaning individuals can compete against others of a similar bodyweight.

The Weightlifting movements are also frequently used by athletes in different sports to improve strength and power. In more recent years, they have become a staple part of Strength & Conditioning programmes and are increasingly popular part of CrossFit programmes across the world.


If you are new to the sport of weightlifting hit contact below and one of our Coaching team will be in touch.



If you already have experience in the sport of weightlifting, please contact our Head Coach, Mark Hill who will advise on an appropriate introduction into the club.